Hello, my name is Donnie Fry. I grew up here in Virginia Beach, and I've been hanging around Kempsville since the mid-90's. I played shows at the ruritan club as a teenager & I hit dingers at Green Run Little League & Kempsville Pony Colt (R.I .P. HIGH's ICE CREAM). I went to see 311 at the Boathouse with my dad & sister (and learned what ganja smelled like by default) and have had my mind melted by the music at every other local venue since.

I love the Mets and am old enough to remember going to MET PARK and got to see Daryl Strawberry, Dwight Gooden, and Ho Jo play there. I went to Salem High & Tidewater Country Club for a minute, too. I love this city, the potential it has, & that's why I wanted to open up a from-scratch, food-made-with-love-kitchen in the middle of a corporate wasteland. I'm as determined as I am because of my daughter, who I promised to be a good example for what can happen when people believe in themselves and don't quit.

Food truck goes BIG, but how?

“Hard work, ignoring the odds, trusting the plan, and going above and beyond with every detail possible in the kitchen. It's not about how well you do something, it's about how consistently you can do it well."

Culinary school?

“I have always learned best from trial and error. These are my mistakes, polished and plated how they initially began in my head. The amount of learning that takes place when you set out to do something professionally without formal training is intense, but that's where my passion lies. I am always pushing myself, always pushing the boundaries of what I know and always seeking to learn more with my team, so we can deliver that experience to our customers."

What's the goal?

“Feed people something homemade and full of flavor that they can't find anywhere else. Going out to eat should be something we look forward to, I believe, and our goal is for our customers to be able to taste the difference in our menu.”

Coming back from the bottom; a reinvention.

Out with the old, in with the old.

The decor around this place is nothing short of "What I think is cool." I grew up going to Birdland records with my dad, and to have a restaurant in the original location of that record store is absolutely incredible to me. I love all kinds of music, and if I wasn't doing this, I'd really like to have become a musician. All of the visual improvements were done by us, all the planters were made by us, and Gabrielle is solely responsible for keeping all the beautiful plants alive. Come check us out, we won't let ya down.

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